Saturday, 29 March 2014

Do bad reviews make a bad book?

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I've been writing and publishing novels and poetry for almost four years, and in that time, my work has accumulated over 150 excellent reviews.

This week, I have had the first ever 1 star review followed quickly by a second. 

To my way of thinking, there is no such thing as a bad review. If you care to look, you'll find Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie and even Jane Austen  so a couple of one star reviews has put my writing on a par with the classics.  In fact, I've used these reviews as part of my ongoing Twitter and Facebook campaign. I don't welcome low star reviews of course, but now they are here, I am getting masses of extra publicity through them.

I am curious though. Why do people set out to destroy a piece of work without first reading it?

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  1. Phillip,
    I have wondered the same thing. I recently received a scathing review from a reader who did not read past the first chapter. They didn't like my writing style I guess, but in the process of giving examples of why they couldn't read my book, they didn't even quote the writing correctly. I think it gives them a sense of power to lambast a writer knowing how invested we are in our creations. Personally though, if you are going to review my writing style, at least quote me correctly. "Grins!"