Monday, 7 July 2014

How's this for a review:

This fast-paced action book is full of suspense, from the first page to the last, where the crescendo, together with final twist, leave the reader gasping for breath and wanting more. This exciting, well-written book revolves around the eponymous main character, Penelope, whose tenacity and bravery gains your sympathy from the start. The reader is dragged along in this roller-coaster of a ride, with its twists and turns, willing Penny to solve the mystery before it is too late. All the elements to keep a reader interested and involved are here in this brilliant book; politics, subterfuge, intrigue, betrayal and great believable characters. PENNY FOR THEM is an excellent book which I can recommend wholeheartedly to anyone who enjoys a fast-moving plot with strong, believable characters. It had me awake late into the night wanting to know how it would all end. Fantastic!

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

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woke up today to find fantastic in-depth five star review from the acclaimed writer and former occupational therapist Wendy Lennox - "incredible honesty, depth and a hearty amount of good humour."

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Do bad reviews make a bad book?

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I've been writing and publishing novels and poetry for almost four years, and in that time, my work has accumulated over 150 excellent reviews.

This week, I have had the first ever 1 star review followed quickly by a second. 

To my way of thinking, there is no such thing as a bad review. If you care to look, you'll find Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie and even Jane Austen  so a couple of one star reviews has put my writing on a par with the classics.  In fact, I've used these reviews as part of my ongoing Twitter and Facebook campaign. I don't welcome low star reviews of course, but now they are here, I am getting masses of extra publicity through them.

I am curious though. Why do people set out to destroy a piece of work without first reading it?

Monday, 16 December 2013

My latest novel 
has its first review

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A few days before the Falklands Conflict in 1982, murder and mayhem visited the streets of Hartingham in central England as an armed diamond robbery left carnage in its wake. 

The gifted linguist Penny leaves aside her privileged upbringing and dubious past as she is recruited into the world of espionage and intrigue. The secret mission to bring her father’s murderer to justice leads her to Argentina at the outbreak of hostilities. 
It is not only a killer she discovers. In this gripping adventure, Penny becomes involved in a web of intrigue and uncovers a plot to overthrow the British government. 

With the recent announcement of her stepfather’s death, Penny thinks it is safe to reveal the treachery which has kept her in hiding for thirty years, and how the hunt for a killer led her to romance, danger, and a bag full of diamonds. 

“…you won’t want to stop reading until the last word…” 

Adult content. 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

I think I've worked out why my posts never get comments - I don't think they have been seen....

I've not used Google+ that much in the past - and now I find I have more than one account. Hopefully, now the two accounts are connected - someone will see my blog!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Paying the Piper ... but who calls the tune?

I have published EBooks, painted some pictures and have written countless poems - my work has been well received and has amassed over a hundred excellent reviews. Although I am the first to admit that good editing is essential before publication, I ask why you have to pay? I didn't.

I have recently read an article from a writer who paid over $5,000 for editing and is completely dissatisfied with the outcome. 

I have paid nothing and am completely satisfied, thank you. 

I think it depends on how you view your creation. Me, I am always open to advice, but like the paintings on my website, the poems and short stories published here and there, I want my novels to reflect exactly who I am - my style - my writing and my choice of words. I pay attention to grammar and word usage and give my work a thorough check before publication, but at the end of the day, it is my work, and that is important to me.

Judging from my string of excellent reviews, I guess my readers like the way I do things.

I'm told I'm arrogant because I will not pay for these so called pre-publication professional services - but why should I? Why should any of us? I've seen too many professionally edited books with simple errors which could have been picked up with a built-in spelling check.

I believe writers could do a lot better for the industry as a whole if they would use their experience to help other writers with publicity, promotion and minor puntuation corrections. I  do this all the time without fee or hope of remuneration - Wouldn't the writing profession be better off, if there were more out there like me? 
I want to write and write some more and enjoy even more success - but I am fed up to the teeth with these so called professional editors, designers and the rest, who insist on charging an exorbitant fee before a writer receives a penny from sales.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Hey, I’ve downloaded this photo-album program. It has facial recognition and has picked me out on a thousand or more photos, which have been taken during the last ten years or so. Some of these were posed, but there are a fair few when I’ve been in the background and not always aware the photo was been taken. The remarkable thing is that on every single photograph, I am smiling. That shouldn’t really come as a surprise because every single day of my life over the last twenty years has been full of joy. 

I have a wonderful, loving, supportive wife, who has given me a son and daughter who, together with their spouses, would make any father proud. We have half dozen grandchildren ranging in age from our recently married twenty-four year old granddaughter through to our three year old, each of whom fills our hearts with joy each weekend we see them. My home is warm and comfortable and my garden a delight to the eye, so it’s no wonder I have a smile for every occasion – 

Then again, it might be trapped wind. Hmmm-