Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Hey, I’ve downloaded this photo-album program. It has facial recognition and has picked me out on a thousand or more photos, which have been taken during the last ten years or so. Some of these were posed, but there are a fair few when I’ve been in the background and not always aware the photo was been taken. The remarkable thing is that on every single photograph, I am smiling. That shouldn’t really come as a surprise because every single day of my life over the last twenty years has been full of joy. 

I have a wonderful, loving, supportive wife, who has given me a son and daughter who, together with their spouses, would make any father proud. We have half dozen grandchildren ranging in age from our recently married twenty-four year old granddaughter through to our three year old, each of whom fills our hearts with joy each weekend we see them. My home is warm and comfortable and my garden a delight to the eye, so it’s no wonder I have a smile for every occasion – 

Then again, it might be trapped wind. Hmmm-

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