Monday, 12 August 2013

Converting a Word File to EPub -

For All Eternity (and other short stories)
is an introduction to the acclaimed Mike Newman Mysteries which I hoped to give away on Apple, Sony and Nook.

A few days ago, I loaded the Word document onto the Smashwords site, but shock horror - I had a message saying it had failed the EPub check. Apple will not list an EBook unless it is 100% compliant. I followed all the advice from Smashwords and elsewhere, and concluded that the problem lay with the chapter headings for the different books. To get around this, I decided to try converting my Word.doc to EPub before loading onto Smashwords.

A Google search returned a plethora of "Free" Word to Epub converters and I tried several, but non was returning that vital 100% compliance when I loaded the EPub to Smashwords

- but then I found the Trial version of EPub Maker 1.7 from EpingSoft.   Now this isn't a free program, and the trial version throws an occasional asterisk into the output document, but it was the first, and so far ONLY Word to EPub converter that has scored 100% for EPub compliance.

It also gives you the opportunity to easily change chapter headings and make other adjustments. I haven't used the facility for converting graphs and tables, but it's there.

What else can I say? Other Epub converters may be free and have a colourful interface, but what good is free if it doesn't work? I didn't find any of the Free programs easy to use and couldn't get any of them to return a 100% EPub compatible document, 

EPub Maker costs a few dollars, but it is straight forward to use and returns 100% EPub compliance. I think I'll have the full version of EPub Maker anytime.  EPub Maker 1.7 from EpingSoft. 

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