Wednesday, 27 June 2012

On Tuesday, Rosalind Kim Nazilli  issued a challenge to the Facebook group, Beta Readers Writers Club:  Fifty words ending with the line.... 'With that - She shot him!'
Here is my answer to the challenge.

The dreaded moment had finally arrived. She knew it had to happen one day. Years of training had prepared her for it. Looking once more into those soulful, deep brown eyes, she guessed that his broken leg no longer caused pain. He whinnied once again. With that - she shot him.

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Rather than giving my full length work away for free on Amazon, Andra Parnell gave me a great idea - write a prequel! So here it is .... Free for all time .                       

Does anyone know how to list an EBook FREE on Amazon? I don't mean the KDP Select program but my short ROMANCE which is an introduction to the some of the characters in my acclaimed crime series. I have listed it FREE on Smashwords, but I can't seem to do the same on Amazon. Does it have to be Public Domain?