Tuesday, 29 July 2014

We've stayed together

I had moments in my life many years ago when, overwhelmed by depression with the breakup of a marriage, I was drawn towards the insistent summons of suicide. Many suggest we should write from experience. Not this time. I kept a diary in those days. Even now I find the words too terrifying to read, let alone repeat. If I write about the experience at all, it is only to thank God for breaking through my atheism, letting me feel his presence and bringing me through that turbulent time to find new love, new hope and a new life. God lifted me out of the depths of depression and we've stayed together ever since.

God, Susan and me.

When I was alone and in despair, 

Long ago when no one seemed to care, 
When friends and family turned away, 
Susan advised, 'you could always pray', 
I laughed, then cried and said through my tears; 
'I have not believed in God for years;' 
And she, as though by heaven inspired, 
Almost immediately replied, 
'You have stopped believing what is true 
But you won't stop God believing in you.' 
Thank you, Susan. What else can I say? 
My life changed when you taught me to pray. 

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