Monday, 21 October 2013

Paying the Piper ... but who calls the tune?

I have published EBooks, painted some pictures and have written countless poems - my work has been well received and has amassed over a hundred excellent reviews. Although I am the first to admit that good editing is essential before publication, I ask why you have to pay? I didn't.

I have recently read an article from a writer who paid over $5,000 for editing and is completely dissatisfied with the outcome. 

I have paid nothing and am completely satisfied, thank you. 

I think it depends on how you view your creation. Me, I am always open to advice, but like the paintings on my website, the poems and short stories published here and there, I want my novels to reflect exactly who I am - my style - my writing and my choice of words. I pay attention to grammar and word usage and give my work a thorough check before publication, but at the end of the day, it is my work, and that is important to me.

Judging from my string of excellent reviews, I guess my readers like the way I do things.

I'm told I'm arrogant because I will not pay for these so called pre-publication professional services - but why should I? Why should any of us? I've seen too many professionally edited books with simple errors which could have been picked up with a built-in spelling check.

I believe writers could do a lot better for the industry as a whole if they would use their experience to help other writers with publicity, promotion and minor puntuation corrections. I  do this all the time without fee or hope of remuneration - Wouldn't the writing profession be better off, if there were more out there like me? 
I want to write and write some more and enjoy even more success - but I am fed up to the teeth with these so called professional editors, designers and the rest, who insist on charging an exorbitant fee before a writer receives a penny from sales.

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